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Girl Scouts

Pottery Badge

We would love to help your Girl Scouts earn their pottery badge. We offer special pricing for the Girl Scouts and can do the clay party two different ways. The class is a two part process. 2 sessions, each 1 hour, with the last 10 minutes being time for cleanup! With our assistance, the girls will learn to hand-build a clay creation (a mobile set, a plate, bowl, plaque, etc.). 

  1. For $50 each, the scouts would visit our studio twice: once to make something out of clay and once to paint it. After they create a piece, it will be left at our studio for at least a week in order for the clay to dry and fire. Then on another day of your choosing, they can come in to paint their pottery. They would again leave it at our studio to be glazed and fired and it will be ready to pick up in 7 days. 

  2. For $40 each, the scouts would visit our studio once to make a project out of clay. Their pieces will be fired and ready to pick up after a week. We will give you a take home paint kit, so that the scouts can paint their pieces at your chosen time. You can return the paint kit and painted creations to our studio for glazing and firing and will be ready after 7 days. 

Daycares & Schools

Whether it's a field trip or summertime activity, we welcome all students to come and be creative.


We welcome you to paint at our lovely studio or you may bring a class paint kit to your location and return items for glazing and firing.

For groups of 18 or more, we offer special pricing of $17 per participant (call for specification). 

Class Kits, including a rainbow of non toxic, lead free, water washable paint, brushes, and palettes are included complimentarily for groups of this size if you choose to paint off site. 

We would be happy to work with your schedule to make your visit most convenient. Our normal opening hour during the week is 11am, but we are happy to open for your group at 10am. Call us to set up a date!

Applicable for educational groups only

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